19 May 2020 (18:03)
Power bolts can now be bought by the every distance shop owning NPCs.
17 May 2020 (20:58)
Several more great updates have been applied in the Sabrehaven server: 1. Druid healing spells have been fixed. 2. Party task share will count for 4 players in party. 3. There are no level requirements for tasks higher than 50+ lvl. 4. Spells page.
13 May 2020 (23:37)
Several new features are coming to the server tomorrow morning: 1. Task kills will be shared in party. 2. Monsters will have loot messages. 3.There was a bug that druids could not conjure fireball rune so it will be fixed too.
13 May 2020 (17:13)
Server is starting in less than 2 hours! Exactly at 18:00 CEST. See you in game all!
10 May 2020 (22:22)
New server launch will be coming Wednesday 13th May 18:00 CEST. Follow the website for more info which will come daily!