Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
19 May 2020 (18:03) Power bolts can now be bought by the every distance shop owning NPCs.
17 May 2020 (20:58) Several more great updates have been applied in the Sabrehaven server: 1. Druid healing spells have been fixed. 2. Party task share will count for 4 players in party. 3. There are no level requirements for tasks higher than 50+ lvl. 4. Spells page.
13 May 2020 (23:37) Several new features are coming to the server tomorrow morning: 1. Task kills will be shared in party. 2. Monsters will have loot messages. 3.There was a bug that druids could not conjure fireball rune so it will be fixed too.
13 May 2020 (17:13) Server is starting in less than 2 hours! Exactly at 18:00 CEST. See you in game all!
10 May 2020 (22:22) New server launch will be coming Wednesday 13th May 18:00 CEST. Follow the website for more info which will come daily!

Sugar Server Start 2020-05-13 CEST 18:00!

Warszawa 18:00 São Paulo 13:00 New York 12:00 Mexico 11:00 Santiago 11:00 Stockholm 18:00 Caracas 12:00
15 May 2020 (13:35)

Sweet Like Sugar Updates

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?

I am so proud that We are developing the server together and we are doing it guys! Who would have actually believed that as majority as like to call the "no name" server would have a such great success at-least from my personal point of view and the space to increase and grow has the great potentials to do it now! Till the very beginning of the server launch we have reached 228 online players record and besides of that on a working days we are counting hundred and even more online players and We are growing every day constantly! The answer why we are different and what is the actual ideology of what We are hosting is a very simple. We are not doing any fake online player numbers, We care what is the playing player opinion and we are playing the game fair in the open tibia community market- despite the fact that the server is being DDoSed a lot by the other server owners and sometimes even website goes down till I manage to block the attacks completely but the game server is protected even more and till now we haven't had any issues in the online game server itself. And the most importantly the Sabrehaven Sugar is the only one 7.9 content real map server which is an actual very fine replica of originally how the Tibia was back in the last version of the 7.x.

Important Updates of This Week So Far:
  • Task kills will count for the whole party if the party has active and enabled the shared experience.
  • Monsters will show loot message.
  • Every rune/potion selling NPCs will sell the runes/potions in the backpacks. Just simply ask for bp/backpack of item. For example: 
    bp mana fluid.
  • Cloudflare Under Attack Mode in the website will be kept always online since we are experiencing quite many attacks.
Thank you for staying in the Sabrehaven guys! We will rock it!
11 May 2020 (14:43)

Start 2020-05-13 18:00 CEST

Welcome, newcomers,
save the date because the 2020-05-13 18:00 CEST is the launch date of the brand new Sabrehaven Sugar server!

About the server:
The Sabrehaven Sugar is the most precise 7.92 real map OT which you can find ever till this day. Everything in the server is based on reverse engineered leaked Cipsoft 7.72 Tibia files. There you can find the original map, 100% correct spells and attack formulas, exact 1-2-1 NPCs transcripts, monsters functionality and so on and so forth.

The experience stages:
Level 1 - 20: 15x
Level 21 - 40: 12x
Level 41 - 60: 10x
Level 61 - 80: 7x
Level 81 - 100: 3x
Level 101+: 2x

More and detailed information about the server can be find in the Server Information page.